Main Menu Games: Our goals as a site

While games journalism continues to be highly saturated and highly controversial at times, we at Main Menu Games will continue to work towards being the most reliable, trusted, straight forward, and consistently quality media outlet we can be.

When I, Cody Willis, started this website I was asked what would set our website apart from the countless other games journalism outlets. At the times I didn’t know exactly how to answer that question, but now I think I can at least better attempt to outline the point of Main Menu Games as well as the goals for this website for the near future and very far from now.

What I think sets our website apart from the many other sites is that it is born from a passion, not just for games, but for being completely honest and open with the reader. Too many websites and YouTube personalities get caught up in scandals, plagiarism, sponsorships, and dishonest writing. Main Menu Games is, and will always be, open with the reader and honest with the opinions we give.

Journalistic integrity is taken far too lightly in today’s media, and Main Menu Games will hold journalistic integrity at the highest of the priority list. This isn’t a company, and I’m just a guy in college working in IT. I can’t mean it more when I say that I deeply care for what you, the reader, think when you see the content on this website. My personal goal for this website is to earn your trust, and when companies continue to break the basic rules of integrity lined out in every Journalism school it becomes extremely frustrating. We will always take into consideration all feedback and criticism, so please feel 100 percent free to give me your thoughts and opinions. I often will reply to your comments, because I want a dialogue between the writer and the reader.

For now, Main Menu Games will continue to be regularly updated by myself. I will continue to push myself to write better and better reviews, and I will continue to provide as much news content as I can provide.

The near future goals for this website are to improve the layout and overall user experience on the site first and foremost. While I am happy with the current state of the site, I am extremely unsatisfied with load times. This is the current issue I will be working on for the short while.

Eventually, the dream goal of this website is to be able to become more than just Main Menu Games, but to become a “main menu” for much of nerd culture. Of course, this goal is a long shot, but I feel with enough consistent work Main Menu Games can become more than just a personal site with a dream, but a legitimate media outlet that users can trust.

Thank you for the support,

Cody Willis