Discord releases PC games store in latest update

Discord now has the beta version of a curated store. The update came yesterday along with an entirely new store tab in discord.

Discord itself compares the store to your “cozy neighborhood book shop” in the sense that store will prioritize quality curation of games instead of mass quantity or releases.

Discord Nitro will be home to the most golden picks of the Discord store, and of you’re subscribed to Discord Nitro you get access to all Discord Nitro games (which is a different game selection than the store).

The new store also houses the “First on Discord” section, which contains small indie games that Discord has helped bring to life.

Discord will also enable a universal library tab. Launching games from this tab will launch the game as well as the launcher it’s contained in.

The discord team still reenforces their devotion to the chat side of their platform, but the store is an extremely interesting development. Discord, unlike many apps in the past, has been able to become a staple in the PC gaming community, and if there’s ever a decent competitor to come up against Steam’s monopoly on PC.

Check out the official Discord blog post for more info HERE.