Bless Unleashed will be a “deep combo-driven” console MMO

Bandai Namco has revelaed its newest project, Bless Unleashed. The new MMO will be coming “first to Xbox One in 2019.

Details are spare, but the game is advertised as containing player customizations, PvE and PvP gameplay, and “an endless amount” of in-game content.

If you’re skeptical about the name being eerily similar to Bless Online, then you might want to hold onto that skepticism.

The game is being developed by Round 8 Studios, the same South-Korean team that created Bless Online.

So while there is a very good chance that Bless Unleashed could be complete shit, it will be interesting to see if Round 8 Studios has created an entirely different experience from Bless Online or if this is a glorified console port.