Xbox All Access isn't a bad deal: but there are some strings attatched

Rumors have been circulating for some time now about Microsoft’s pay to own Xbox program, but they revealed their details to us today. For the monthly payment of 21.99 you get an Xbox One S 1 TB model, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass. There is also a 34.99/month option for an Xbox One X instead of the S. This all comes with no interest and no upfront payment.

After paying for two years, subscribers will own their Xbox hardware for good.

If you continue these payments for the full 2 years it comes out to $528 for the Xbox One S bundle and $840 for the Xbox One X bundle. If you were to buy these subscriptions separately at their normal prices along with the respective consoles you would pay $660 for an S and $860 for an X.

The program is only available for the US, and you will have to walk into a physical retail location to sign up for the program. It currently runs from Aug. 27 to Dec. 31 while supplies last.

The other catch is that you bust pass a credit check and have a Dell Preferred Account.

So while it may have a couple strings attached, it seems like a pretty decent deal for the right customers.