Far Cry 5’s DLC failed it’s fan base

The hype surrounding the Far Cry 5 season pass was unlike any excitement I had seen for a season pass before.

The trailer for the pass promised 3 new experiences post-launch, and fans were happy to see Ubisoft pushing what already looked like a fun new Far Cry experience even further. Of course, with the recent Ubisoft controversies this felt like a breath of fresh of air. The game wasn’t graphically downgraded, and on top of that it seemed as if Ubisoft was going to put real effort into the DLC.

However, quickly after the first DLC launch it seemed that the season pass wasn’t going to be what anyone hoped it would be.

The Hours of Darkness DLC kicked things off on a good note. It added a new jungle map, new Vietnam era weapons, and had plenty of variety in it’s missions. It felt like a simplified Far Cry game at it’s best, providing players with multiple missions and plenty of stealth.

It’s too bad that this first step in the right direction would be the only one.

The second and third DLCs, Lost on Mars and Dead Living Zombies respectively, we’re both linear DLC missions that felt repetative and lazy.

Sure, they both added new maps, but amongst the new settings and enemies there wasn’t much of value.

Both tried to use a humorous character to liven things up, but that’s the only life in the two DLCs. Each one gave you a couple hours playtime, and had barely any to no replayability.

On top of the DLC issues, Ubisoft recently announced that no new game modes would be coming to the multiplayer.

Fans of the map editor were extremely disappointed when they heard this news, because Ubisoft had a map creator with so much potential that was being wasted.

What happened to Far Cry 5 post launch was a disappointment, and with the current Division 2 paid advantage controversy, it could be that Ubisoft is heading back down the wrong path.