Battlefield V’s profanity filter is extremely specific

Included in the Battlefield V bets is Dice’s new profanity filer. It does what you think it would do and blocks out “profane” words and phrases. However, some have noticed that the filter has some interesting ideas of what profanity is.

Popular YouTuber Angry Joe was asked by his audience to type the phrase “White man” into chat. When he did, his message was censored. After seeing that it was filtered he though he would try some similar phrases out. He then tried “Brown man” and “Asian man”. Both of which were not censored by the profanity filter. – Here’s a link to a Twitch clip where he does this.

Other players have noted that “DLC” is also censored, but “free DLC” is not

Many users mentioned various other strange issues with the filter. It was also discussed on a Reddit post that the characters are aloud to swear in the game, but the players aren’t.

EA responded to the issues players were having with the filter, and it was a very non-specific answer at that. On the Battleifeld V forums and EA Community manager said that the filter was not working correctly, and that they would be working to tune its how sensitive the filtering would be. While the post did mention the “DLC” issue, it didn’t go into any specifics on the filter or the future tweaks that were going to be made. The forum post was also locked so no discussion could be had.

Battlefield V doesn’t seem to be shedding any of its controversy in this beta, and that could be bad news for the series.