Less than a week until Nintendo launches their paid online service

Nintendo’s upcoming paid-online service is debuting September 18, and there are many reasons to dread it, but still a couple reasons to look forward to the release.

The service dubbed as Nintendo Switch Online will allow players to play popular Nintendo Switch games online with players around the world, enjoy 20 enhanced NES games at launch, and put your save games on the cloud.

Many players are reasonably upset at the features included with Nintendo Switch Online citing that online play has been free and is being taken away, and that cloud saves should have been available at launch.

While the service is reasonably cheap (1 month – $3.99, 3 months – $7.99, 12 months – $19.99, Family 12 months – $34.99), it does seem that many Nintendo players are getting screwed out of their hard earned cash.

It will be interesting to see if Nintendo decides to add more enticing features to the subscription service to further compete with other paid programs like Playstation Plus and Xbox Live Gold.

For more information, check out Nintendo’s official Nintendo Switch Online page.