Mini-Review Compilation #1

With so many games to review we thought it best to cover some games that haven been out for a while during the wait for the next big release. Every game here has been played just as thoroughly as any game receiving a full review would be, but since they’ve all been out for so long we thought it would be a good idea to cover them more concisely. Also, if you’re worried about certain scores being affected due to the age of the game, no worries. All scores will be given as if it was the time period each game came out. However, the monetization/price of a game will be determined by the current price.

Just because these games are here doesn’t mean they won’t ever get a full written review. If we write a full review on one of the following games, we’ll be sure to update this compilation and let you know.

Battlefield 1:

Battlefield 1 takes Battlefield 4’s turned up to 11 fighting and dials it back a few notches. While the game may be extremely impressive to look at. Combat feels boring after some time, and with a lack luster, and filled with loot boxes reward system the game begins to feel shallow fairly quickly.

The new Behemoth system is Battlefield 1’s way of self-balancing matches that seem like they’re going one way too quickly. While it may be a smart way to balance, its not fun when a team gets rewarded for losing.

This entry in the Battlefield series seemed like it was going to be a solid entry at first, but it wears too thin and shows its weak points far too often.

Grand Theft Auto V:

GTAV’s single player is hands down one of the most fun experiences. Pulling off heists as any of the 3 playable characters delivers fun and exciting gameplay.

The world you play in is a beautiful, detailed, and alive Los Santos, and it features many callbacks to previous GTA entires.

Multiplayer can be fun, but at times it feels far too sloppy. Rockstar’s handling of the multiplayer expansions has been insulting to players as items are prices so high to encourage the purchase of Shark Cards (aka spending real money for virtual money).

While some of the expansion have tons of cool gear and vehicles, don’t expect to get most of it without grinding for thousands of hours or spending hundreds of real dollars.

Call of Duty Black Ops:

What makes Black Ops so special from the rest of the Call of Duty franchise before it is the amount of freedom and choice it gives players. Black Ops introduced the first character customization in the series as well as giving the player a new way to unlock the arsenal of weaponry.

The single player campaign of Call of Duty Black Ops is fun, exciting, and memorable as it offers a cast of characters that you actually grow to like, which is something most Call of Duty’s can’t seem to get right.

Multiplayer is feels fluid and maps vary from extremely large to miniscule in size.

Zombies is also improved this time around as the game offers Kino der Toten and Five as launch maps.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2:

Black Ops 2 takes many of things Black Ops did right and improves on them, but also finds a way to disappoint in some categories Black Ops did so well.

Multiplayer is much more polished and competitive. Many may not like the “near-future” setting, but the balance and flow is undeniable well-done. Black Ops 2 also offers a great competitive mode for those who want to challenge themselves a little more.

The campaign, while not as great as Black Ops, still is a good time. It embraces its over the top nature and offers multiple ending depending on a few key choices through the game.

Zombies this time around is lacking. The game only offers 1 real map. Tranzit is a large map, but at times its rather frustrating to play.

Space Pirate Trainer:

One of the first popular VR titles is still, to this day, one of the most enjoyable. Space Pirate Trainer does shooting better than most other VR titles, and it does it in such a simple way that its easy for anyone to pick up.

While you aren’t getting a ton of content for its 14.99 price tag, you are getting a good amount of replayability and a great party game.

The controls are intuitive, the action is fast-paced and exciting, and it immerses you better than many other VR titles out there