Black Ops 4’s Nuketown looks like it’ll be in Chernobyl

Treyarch has been cryptic about the post-release Nuketown map coming in November, and until now no one really knew why.

In a past interview with Gamespot, Treyarch confirmed that Nuketown was coming back, but with a twist. Yesterday, the official Call of Duty Instagram account posted a pictures featuring a new Supra Footwear collection, but on the side of a shirt in one of the photos there are coordinates.


The Call of Duty community was quick to point out that the location of the coordinated was none other than the abandoned city of Chernobyl.

Many were already speculating this to be hinting Chernobyl’s inclusion somewhere in Black Ops 4, but the nail in the coffin came today.


An official Treyarch tweet came reading “Посетите нас снова … Впервые здесь #Nuketown” or “Visit us again … For the first time here #Nuketown.”

The text came along with the image that confirmed Nuketown’s twist in Black Ops 4.

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