Our first look at Fallout 76’s full map

Fallout 76 is just around the corner, and many are still wondering if it will be worthy of the Fallout title. And while a great many are still in the debates of Fallout 76’s multi-player only design, its complete lack of NPCs, and its strange card based perk system, Bethesda decided to give us a map.

Bethesda is really trying to push forward the scale and liveliness of its world, and the new full view of Appalachia’s map does indeed show that the world it rather large. According to Bethesda it’s 4 times as large as Fallout 4.


An exact count for the amount of players in one session hasn’t been detailed yet. The closest thing we have to a player count so far is the “dozens of players” that Bethesda says will be playing together.

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