*UPDATED* Black Ops 4 may be coming early for some…


You may want to give your local retailer a ring because it is confirmed now that all retail stores will be releasing Black Ops 4 early. The game can be picked up now on November 11, but the time of release varies on a store to store basis. If you digitally pre-ordered the game then it goes live at 9pm Pacific time.

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Treyarch and Activision have given the thumbs up for multiple retailers to sell copies of Black Ops 4 earlier than the normal midnight release.

Many gamers were a little concerned with the large day 1 patch Treyarch implemented to stop early leaks because it meant everyone had a huge download to go through when they got their copy of the game, but if you pre-ordered your copy of the game from EB Games Australia, UK’s GAME, or an American Gamestop you’re in luck.

These retailers will be dishing out copies earlier than everyone else. Australian EB Games and UK’s GAME will both be opening the doors for Black Ops 4 at 6pm local time. Gamestop in the US will also be following this early trend, but you’ll need to check in with your local store as times are being handled on a store to store basis.

This is only for physical editions of the game though, so if you bought digital you’ll have to wait until midnight to start the download.

If you are getting a special edition of the game, let’s say the Mystery Box Edition, there’s a slight chance you’ll get that early too, but that’s a toss up.

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