Black Ops 4 to ditch Supply Drops; New Fortnite-like Supply Stream system coming

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has had a fairly smooth launch and has received a decent amount of praise from early impressions, but a lot of people have been questioning the lack of Supply Drops in the game.

Supply Drops have been Call of Duty’s loot box system for a few years now, and Black Ops 4 has been the first game in the Supply Drop era of Call of Duty to launch without them. Recently, Activision released a blog post detailing the end of Supply Drops. The post was quickly removed by Activision, but new word has surfaced about the future of Supply Drops.

In the now deleted post, a new system called Supply Stream was shown off. The system resembles Fortnite’s Battle Pass system in structure where Players are rewarded with loot based on reward tiers for playing the game.

So far, fans are praising the new system for no longer being a gambling machine where players could receive next to nothing for spending even thousands of dollars of Supply Drops.

The post also detailed that players who own the Black Ops Pass will get to skip 10 tiers every season.

No official word has been given from Activision or Treyarch on the blog post or the upcoming Supply Stream system.

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