2k Games is banning NBA2k players for using its auction house as auction houses are intended

Today on Reddit’s r/gaming forum, user Xx-FreeWitty_xX posted screenshots of a conversation with 2k support in regards to a received banning. The player was told they received the ban due to, “auction house sniping” which the support representative would define as “intentionally purchasing or selling cards intentionally for more or less than the average amount that the card is worth.”

Obviously, this kind of undermines the point of an auction house entirely if cards must be purchased and sold at the normal cost of the card.

According to the chat provided, 2k support failed to cooperate with questions from the player by continuing to repeat the phrase, “we won’t be able to continue on this topic moving forward.”

The player’s ban is entirely permanent and 2k support has stated that the ban will not be reversed. It’s surely frustrating that someone one buy a game to be banned for unclear reasons. Sadly though, this isn’t the first anti-consumer step 2k Games has taken recently as they have begged their Belgium player base to help push for pro-loot box reform.

Below is the player’s conversation with 2k support.

While the auction house rule may be there to limit transfers of currency via overly-high priced listings or card exchange via extremely low-listings, if the player in question is as transparent as it seems, 2k Games is continuing to show their ugly face to the gaming community.

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