*UPDATE* A new Playstation 4 exploit is forcing users to delete their data


Sony is currently claiming that the message issue is fixed. According to Sony, the message triggered a crash loop that could have been quickly fixed. Players that received the message only need to go into the PS mobile app, delete the message, start the console up in safe mode, and use option 5 “Rebuild database.”

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Over the past few days, multiple Reddit users have reported an issue stemming from an anonymous message they all received. Apparently, Playstation players have been getting anonymous messages containing 2 symbols that freeze up the PS4.

After the recipients PS4 is frozen that user won’t be able to log back in and will instead be greeted with an error code. Currently, the only known way back into the user account is a factory reset of the PS4, meaning all data will be lost.

There’s no word from Sony as of yet on the issue, but many are suggesting adjusting your message privacy settings for the time being.

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