New Battlefield V gameplay shows off great graphics and questionable gameplay

IGN’s YouTube channel release an unedited 9 minute gameplay demo of the upcoming Battlefield V, and things aren’t looking too peachy.

The gameplay shows off a stealth mission from Battlefield V’s War Stories campaign mode, but it also give us a look at some of the game’s glaring issues before it even releases.

The AI seems extremely basic, and their detection is incredibly slow. It even seems one AI controlled enemy loses sight of the player as they move behind a flagpole for an instant.

There’s even a solid 10 second section of the gameplay where Battlefield V just looks broken. The player aims their sight dead straight at the head of an enemy, shoots, and misses far right. This goes on multiple times with the bullet hitting nowhere near the aim of the player.

I would understand if the game was in early beta or if it still had a long time before release, but Battlefield V has an initial launch date of tomorrow, October 19. This could have been the broken game players received, and with EA’s track record I don’t think I’m far from wrong.

Hopefully Dice can sort out some of the issues seen in this gameplay between now and the day of release.

Check out IGN’s gameplay of Battlefield V –

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