Battlefield V’s Battle Royale mode isn’t coming until March 2019

The Battle Royale trend is in full swing, and with the recent success of Blackout, Battlefield V fans may have been in store to get another well-polished version of the game mode. Too bad it seems that Firestorm, Dice’s name for their new Battle Royale mode, isn’t being put into the game until next year.

Dice recently released a timeline showing off the game’s post-launch content, and Firestorm was set in the third phase of content releases. The “Trial by Fire” phase begins in March 2019 and will include other new offerings on top of the new Firestorm Battle Royale mode.


It’s interesting that Battlefield V has already been delayed, and now players will have to wait even longer to play the new mode. Hopefully Firestorm will be worth the wait, because for now, there hasn’t been much good news surrounding Battlefield V.

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