*UPDATE* The new Undertale game, Delta Rune, isn’t just a teaser. It’s a full game


Turns out that the new game release by Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, wasn’t just a teaser for an Undertale sequel, but a full game entirely. The new Undertale spin-off, Delta Rune, was released today, and many interpreted it to be a short teaser for an upcoming game.

However, it now seems that Delta Rune is its own full game. Download the game free HERE from the official site.

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Yesterday, the Undertale Twitter account cryptically teased the release of something big today. No one knew for sure what it would be, but it turns out that it’s a fully playable game!

If you go to deltarune.com you’ll be able to download the new game for free! The game features plenty of memories from Undertale, but also introduces plenty of new characters and mechanics to try out. The game also seems to play a fully playable teaser for an upcoming Undertale sequel.

We’re currently playing through the new game, and will update this post on anything Undertale sequel related we can find.

Check out our Undertale review if you haven’t given the game a look yet!

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