Black Ops 4’s new progression system is the worst in Call of Duty history

At first Call of Duty fans praised Black Ops 4 for finally ditching the greed of Supply Drops. After that, players were hit with the nearly impossible grind of the Black Market. Now, Treyarch has updated the Black Market and wiped away all praise for it’s new systems.

Recently, a Black Market update went live for PS4 that enabled CoD points to be used to skip unlock tiers.

As it stands now, unlocking all 200 Black Market tiers is pretty much impossible for the average player. But thanks to the new inclusion of micro-transactions, you’ll always be able to get to the tier you want!

Of course, fans are extremely upset by the inclusion of micro-transactions. While it may have been obvious that Treyarch was going te include them at some point in the game’s life cycle, its upsetting to many players that Treyarch’s “balancing” of Black Market progression was never intended to make players happy.

It’s extremely deceitful of Treyarch to act like they are doing what the player wants to only come back and slap them in the face with the one thing gamers hate most.

Reddit user, Refractives, details many of the problems with Black Ops 4’s progression in one of the highest upvoted post on r/BlackOps4. FULL POST HERE

They list that:

  •  It takes 250+ hours or $200 in micro-transactions to get to tier 200.
  • Most unlocks are stickers, emotes, sprays, face paints, and outfits you can’t even use unless you have the full set.
  • Supply Drops are back and players have no control at all over what is in them
  • The game is already lacking in customization options previously available, and many of those customization options are being locked behind the Black Market tiers.
  • Community challenges and any sort of Zombies Black Market is completely absent

Fans of Call of Duty are extremely frustrated with the downhill slope that Black Ops 4’s business practices have been on, and rightfully so. If Treyarch doesn’t fix their mistakes quickly, they may push away the people who came back to Call of Duty for Black Ops 4 for good.

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