Smash Ultimate Direct round-up

Nintendo’s final Smash Ultimate Direct was held today. Here’s everything detailed if you haven’t seen it yet. –

New Fighters

Ken (Echo fighter of Ryu), Incineror, and Piranha Plant (see DLC subheading for details)

Your fighter roster starts out with only 8 fighters, the same starting amount as Smash 64. Unlock all of them and you’ll be up to 74 fighters (counting Pokemon trainer as only 1 fighter).

New Amiibo

Inkling, Ridley, Wolf Amiibo release December 7, 2018. King K. Rool,  and Ice Climbers Amiibo release December 15, 2018.  Ken, Young Link, Pichu, Isabelle, and Daisy will release sometime in 2019.

Piranha Plant is also receiving and Amiibo on February 15, 2019.


The newly released spirits come from multiple different game universes. They will replace collectible trophies, and can be used to power up your fighter.

Spirits are characters who have lost their physical form. Their spirits can be used to assist your fighter with improved stats and abilities. There are 4 classes of spirits: novice, advanced, ace, and legendary. To unlock each spirit you will fight an enemy who’s look and abilities have been modified to “kinda, sorta” mimic those of the spirit’s.

Some spirits can also be fought to unlock facilities.

Spirits are divided into 3 classes: attack, grab, and shield. Attack beats grab, grab beats shield, and shield beats attack. You’ll be able to adjust the spirits you have selected to counter your enemy’s selected spirits.

Each fighter is allowed 1 primary spirit along with up to 3 support spirits. You’ll need to level up your spirits for them to grow stronger. They can be level up by fighting with them, training them at a gym or dojo, or by feeding them snacks.

Spirits can also be sent to look for treasure. Just like in Pokemon Sun/Moon, treasure is being found continuously as long as spirits are looking, so you can leave the game and still be earning treasure.

You will also have the ability to send spirits back to their bodies. You’ll lose the spirit but their core will stay. You can combine 3 cores to get a new, special spirit.


This time around, online play isn’t split between For For Glory and For Fun. It’s all in one playlist, but players will be able to set their preferred rules. You’ll be matched with players with similarly styled rule sets, and you’ll take turns playing one of the players rules selected randomly.

Beat a player and you’ll earn their smash tag. Smash tags are customizable dog tags that each player will have. You won’t lose yours if you lose, but you’ll earn other tags by winning.

Smash tags can be sold for in-game gold.

At the shop, you’ll be able to buy music tracks, spirits, and more.

Nintendo App

Smash Ultimate will have the ability to connect to the Nintendo phone app. Voice chat is enabled through the app, but you’ll also be able to view statistics, screenshots, and more through the app.


Shadow, Takamaru, Star Man, Nightmare, Color TV-Game 15, Yuri Kozukata, Issac, Black Knight, Thwomp, Spring Man, Wily Capsule, Flies and Hand, Tiki, Vince Guile, and Akira. There are a total of 59 assist trophies in the game.

You’ll also be able to KO your own KO-able trophies to stop the other fighters from gaining points from them.


11 languages will be fully supported with voice and text, docked and hand-held mode will have separate options for brightness and sound, and teammates can be made to be more transparent for better visibility. The radar can also be sized for more screen space.


Miis will be receiving new outfits: Yiga clan set, Splatoon 2 set, Ribbon Girl set, Ray MKIII set, and Toy Con set.


DLC is confirmed to be coming to Smash Ultimate. Each of the 5 DLC sets will include 1 fighter, 1 stage, and music tracks to match. Each set will be priced at 5.99, or you can purchase the Fighter Pass for 24.99. For buying the Fighter Pass you’ll unlock the bonus Rex Mii outfit set along with Xenoblade music tracks.

There are currently no dates of release for DLC.

For a limited time, you’ll be able to get another fighter, Piranha Plant, for signing up to the Nintendo Gold Rewards program.

It’s Amiibo will release on February 15, 2019.

That’s all from the final Smash Ultimate Direct. We can’t wait to finally get our hands on what looks to be another great Smash game.

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