Diablio fans are furious about the newest installment

Diablo Immortal was announced during Blizzcon 2018’s opening ceremonies and is coming to iOS and Android.  While previous Diablo titles have been extremely hyped up, the idea of a completely mobile-only Diablo along with some mis-handling of the criticism is digging this Diablo an early grave for its fans.

It’s trailer on the official Diablo Youtube page has being heavily downvoted. As of this writing, its current at 8.5k likes and 251k dislikes –

And apparently, Blizzard is attempting to bury a clip of Diablo Immortal’s Q&A panel. The panel featured your typical Q&A,  but many fans used the platform to ask questions that it seemed the Blizzard team didn’t want to answer. –

Sadly, since this game is mobile it will probably end up being a huge financial success. But Blizzard have done a great job at losing some fans thanks to the moving of a major title to mobile and an extremely unprofessional Q&A session.

Sadly, some of the leaders in media feel that fans shouldn’t be outraged.


Mashable writer, Kellen Beck, attacked gamers for their anger, telling them to “grow up.” While beck calls angry fans “entitled crybabies,” just like he blizzard his ignorance clouds his judgment. Gamers aren’t being crybabies about this release, they are justifies in their anger as the greed of a company is taking over Diablo.

This situation is similar to the mobile Command and Conquer game announcement at E3. Fans were angry not because they didn’t get what they want, but because they felt spit on by the company making the game.

Companies know that hardcore gamers don’t usually enjoy mobile games. But taking one of your core titles and turning it into a mobile game is even worse. Both EA and Blizzard are doing this, and fans are angry that EA and Blizzard did something that they knew fans would despise.

It’s not about being entitled to something and it’s not about being crybaby for the game not being what you want. It’s about disrespecting your entire fan base by doing something you know they will all hate just to earn some quick revenue.

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