Battlefield V release dates and times

Battlefield V’s release schedule has some perks for you based on the version of the game you ordered or if you’re a subscriber of EA/Origin access. Here’s the official table for Battlefield V release dates –


If you’re a subscriber to EA/Origin Access Premier there’s no need to purchase the game. You’ll get the full game on the Origin Access Premier release date of November 9 for being subscribed to the service. Origin Access Basic doesn’t come with the full game though, but you’ll be able to get your hands on a 10 hour trial before getting to play on the release date of either the Standard or Deluxe Edition.

The game will most likely to be a pretty sizable download just like most modern games, but there will be an early pre-load time for digital copies of the game. Here’s the times you’ll be able to pre-download Battlefield V –


Unlike playtimes, pre-load times won’t take into account your subscriptions or versions of the game. So, everyone will be able to download the game at the same times regardless of those factors.

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