Don’t spend a penny on Black Ops 4′ Black Market. It’s a scam.

With the recent addition of CoD Points to Black Ops 4, players have been curious about the amount of grind/money it takes to get through Black Ops 4’s Black Market tiers. The tier system has been criticized for forcing players to accept the fact that they will never be able to get all rewards in a season of the Black Market due to the insanely large amount of time a player would have to grind every day to level up the tiers before the season’s end.

Well someone decided to spend the maximum amount of money you could on CoD points to see what was awaiting a player that made it to the end of the tiers. If you spend $1000 dollars and make it to the end of the Black Market’s tiers you’ll receive…..

a thank you message.

That’s right, Black Ops 4’s Black Market system is just about the least rewarding progression system ever made.

This isn’t the only issue fans are having with the system though. If you go to Black Ops 4’s subreddit, r/BlackOps4, right now it is filled to the brim with playes posting images of the disappointing customization unlocks.

Apparently, the unlockable specialist skins and unlockable sprays are full of duplicates with name changes.

Things haven’t been looking up for Black Ops 4 in a while. It seems now that the fairly stellar launch has just been followed up by terrible decisions by Activision and Treyarch. While I would like to say, “hopefully they realize their mistake and make things right,” we both know that at this point that’s not going to happen.

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