Nintendo’s attack on emulation wins the company $12 million

The owners of and have agreed to the payment of $12 million to Nintendo.

Nintendo alleged that Jacob Mathias, owner of the sites, and his wife, who was eventually tagged on to Nintendo’s claims, infringed on Nintendo trademarks and copyright.

Most likely to save themselves from millions more in losses and a lengthy lawsuit, the couple admitted their infringements and attempted to settle with Nintendo.

Although it seems that Nintendo had no mercy on the website’s owners, as its a fair guess that the couple doesn’t have $12 million sitting around anywhere any time soon. The huge dollar amount is most likely Nintendo trying to make a point to other emulation distributors, so it could be that LoveROMS’s owners will not pay the full amount.

Both LoveROMS website will also be signed over to Nintendo, and the couple will no longer be able to infringe on Nintendo copyright thanks to a permanent injunction.

The court has yet to sign off on the papers, but that will probably be soon to follow as both parties have agreed to the above terms.


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