Battlefield V is now the first public RTX enabled game

Battlefield V has just enabled its Ray Tracing for the first time making it the first game playable by the public with the new technology available. This fancy new lighting system comes at a cost though, as performance will drop significantly with Ray Tracing turned on.

The new setting is labeled as”DXR Enabled”, and it also allows users to adjust for the quality of the Ray Tracing with low, medium, high, and ultra settings available. tested out how well the new Nvidia 20 series cards could handle Ray Tracing, and they found that even with one of the top video cards ever made, the 2080 Ti, you’ll be struggling to push out playable frame rates past 1080p resolution.

While the frame rate drop is huge, the new tech adds a stunning level of detail to the already beautiful Battlefield V.

It will be interesting to see how well the technology is implemented in other games moving forward.

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