EA’s stock is down 40% since reaching its highest point

It seems the news keeps growing more grim for games publisher EA Games. Since reaching its peak of $151.26 in July of this year, the company’s stock has continued to plummet to a current $86.14.

There are a number of reasons for the current state of EA. They’ve all but killed the Star Wars video game franchise, they’ve insulted Battlefield fans, ruined the Dead Space series, and have continued to push forward with anti-consumer business practices. While I’m sure investors don’t care about pro-consumer business practices since they usually only care if the company continues to bring in revenue, it seems consumers are winning the battle against the predatory practices of EA.

Hopefully, the snowballing of EA’s stock puts forward a clear message that consumers aren’t willing to purchase games from a company that clearly doesn’t respect their players. Looking at you Blizzard.

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