New NieR Automata version coming to PC despite the PC version ever receiving a single patch.

NieR Automata: Game of the YoRHa edition has just been officially rated for PC and PS4 and while many are excited that the game is going to have a DLC bundle, PC users are upset that Square Enix is pushing another version of the game out even though the PC version has never been patched.

Many users have suffered through an onslaught of minor issues-

  • Mouse cursors appearing
  • Jerky cutscenes
  • Resolutions not working

Luckily, PC modder, Kaldaien, has made a tool that fixes tons of NieR’s issues. Fix Automata Resolution (FAR) has solutions for all the above issues and more. It’s an important download for anyone who picks up NieR Automata.

What’s important though, is that the only way to make NieR Automata a good PC port is through modding. Square Enix has not released a single patch for the game since release on PC, and it’s probably never going to get one.

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