Bethesda scams players who bought the Fallout 76 collector’s edition, offers them in-game currency as an apology

It’s no surprise that Bethesda would find another way to screw anyone who spent money on Fallout 76.

The game has seen plenty of controversy lately, and it was just a matter of time before Bethesda would stir the pot some more. This time, players who bought the power armor edition of the game are the ones getting screwed over by shady business practices.

The extremely expensive Fallout 76 collectors edition included a canvas bag among it’s other goodies, and Bethesda pulled a switcheroo on the bag without any prior communication to those who ordered this version of the game. The bag players instead received was a much lower quality nylon bag.

While it’s already extremely shady to just switch out items for lower quality ones without alerting the consumer, Bethesda found a way to keep the disappointing train moving with their response to player outcry over the issue.

Bethesda has decided that 500 atoms, Fallout 76’s in game currency, should be enough to make up for the damages. For reference, that’s 5 US dollars in atoms.

Of course, this is ridiculous and players deserve a lot more than fake money.

One Reddit user pointed out that the amount of atoms players will receive for the “mess-up” isn’t even enough to buy the in-game postman skin that DOES have a canvas bag.

Bethesda is already under investigation for it’s refund policy on the game, and I’m sure that this doesn’t help them out very much.

The real question is, what’s their next shitty move? Merging with EA?

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