PvP battles are coming to Pokemon Go

After 3 years, Niantic has decided its about time to add PvP battles to Pokemon Go.

The long awaited feature (that was shown in the initial trailer for the game) is finally here, but if you were looking for traditional Pokemon battles then you’ll be pretty disappointed.

New new battle system is similar to the typical gym battle format already featured in Pokemon Go. Each player brings 3 Pokemon into a battle then proceed to tap the screen like crazy until a special move is charged up.

Battles have a time limit of 4 minutes, and if time runs out the winner is decided based on numerous factors including Pokemon remaining and Pokemon health.

You’ll also be able to be placed into a league to save yourself from facing players who have been grinding out the game waiting for the mode to release.

The 3 leagues, Great, Ultra, and Master, are set to limit Pokemon CP to 1500, 2500, and no limit respectively.

Niantic says the this iteration of the mode is just the beginning, and it will continue to evolve throughout its lifespan.

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