Soulja Boy has released his own hand-held game console

Yes, you read the title right. The rapper, Soulja Boy, has released his own hand-held console, and its about as good as you’d think.

The SouljaGame Handheld boasts an absolute unit of a 3-inch screen, 1 entire front facing speaker, and a “Directiion” key.

For the low low price of $199.99 all of this could be yours. Better yet, it’s on sale right now for $99.99!

Jokes aside the console is a hilariously bad rip-off of an emulation machine. It’s claiming to have over 3,000 games, but there isn’t a game list available for viewing anywhere.

If you’re looking for this type of product though, HERE is a cheap Chinese hand-held from Ebay with 10,000 games (more games than Soulja Boy’s console, and probably as good quality)’

If you’re looking to spend high dollar though, HERE is the GPD XD Plus, a DS-styled android hand-held which I’m sure you could emulate all the games you want on it.

Hand-helds not your style? Don’t worry, he’s got you covered with the SouljaGame Console. The game console looks to be modeled after the Xbox One S while its controllers are of the Dualshock variety. All of course looking like 10/10 level Chinese knockoffs.

This console only contains 800 games running at a max resolution of 720p and at “Gamespeed FPS 1:1 (Perfect and Fluent).

The console is currently listed at a normal price of $199.99 with its current sale price being $149.99.

Sadly, with all the attention these have gotten, they’re probably selling pretty well for shitty Chinese knockoff products.

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