Possible loot boxes found in recent Fallout 76 patch

As if Fallout 76 isn’t already being beaten into a pulp with bad press, Reddit user JesMaine has found possible assets for lootboxes in Fallout 76.

An item titled” Lunchbox” has been in the game for some time now, but the Reddit user notices that the item now has the “ATX” tag, the tag for the Atom Shop.

We don’t know exactly what the Lunchbox item does, but it’s pretty easy to see what Bethesda’s going for if you look at the information provided in the Reddit post.

According to data mined information, the Lunchbox item sounds a lot like Call of Duty WWII Supply Drops. They will be fully animated in-game, and all players will know when you’re opening one.

Players around you will also be able to see the box being opened.

 Additional information shows some the effects provided by the Lunchbox, including; damage, carry bonus, and XP boosts.

According to the post, there is also plenty of code suggesting that Perk Card Packs were meant to be sold in the Atom Shop. There is also a ton of code involving the opening of the Lunchbox item, which is… fishy.

At this point, it feels like another day, another Fallout 76 screw up.

Full credit to the users on Reddit for finding this information out.


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