Atlas delayed for a third time

If you’ve been excited for the new survival MMO Atlas then some more bad news is heading your way.

For the third time, Instinct Games is delaying their upcoming title.

The game has continued to butcher fans’ hopes by failing to communicate and provide reason to the delays.

The most recent delay before this one came after a countdown timer ticked down to release time. A full 30 minutes after hitting zero, fans were told the game’s release date would be pushed back until Friday, today.

Now the official Atlas Twitter is telling fans that early codes are currently going out to content creators, but the game won’t release for purchase until Saturday at 12 PM Pacific Time.

This game’s PR has been an absolute joke, and even after ruining hype for their title’s release they still find a way to mess it up.

Maybe they should learn not to set dates if they know they cant meet them.

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