New Watch_Dogs mod adds custom missions, random events, and more

A new mod for the original Watch_Dogs is looking to improve the open world experience in Chicago.

The ‘Living_City’ mod adds a slew of new features to the game including, but not limited to:

  • RESTRICTED_AREAS are red zones patrolled by guards and always active in freeroam where trespassing is prohibited just like you’ve seen in the campaign missions.
  • UNLOCKED_INTERIORS are interior locations that you were able to visit only once during the campaign but that are now always open and explorable at any time.
  • RANDOM_EVENTS are events that spontaneously happens in the game world around you offering new gameplay opportunities that you’re free to engage at will.
  • CIVILIAN_HACKS are new interesting hacks that you can perform on the generic civilians around the city after you profiled them besides the vanilla hacks.
  • AMBUSH_CHANCE is a restored cut feature where hackers breached the fixer contracts so enemies can set up fake contracts to ambush you at contact points.
  • CUSTOM_MISSIONS are new missions available around the city and comparable to the ones in the base game like Gang Hideouts, Criminal Convoys, Human Traffic…
  • REPLACE_SCAN disables the yellow disk scan resulting from a 911 call and replaces it with a police search where cops actually comes to investigate the scene.
  • ctOS_CHAOS allows the Chicago Police Force to use some ctOS hacks like bollards and bridges against you as an extreme measure on the highest difficulty chases.
  • FIRST_LOAD improves the first load of the game providing randomized weather and time of the day, a vehicle nearby if missing, and “out-from-phone” intro camera.
  • LIMITED_INVENTORY limits the weapons you can carry to only 1 for each weapon slot, you can swap them at gunshops or by picking them up from dead enemies.

The amount of work put into this mod makes it worth a look alone, but if you’re a fan of the original Watch_Dogs this mod seems to be a godsend.

Download the mod from ModDB HERE.

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