Paladins now has cross-play for Switch, Xbox, and PC

Cross-play has come to Switch, Xbox, and PC for Paladins, but PS4 players are still getting the shortest straw.

Players from the 3 systems will all be a part of the same matchmaking pool in quickplay, but will still have the option of opting out of cross-play match making.

Ranked matches however, will match-make players using the same input method.

Hi-Rez also hints at the fact that they’re waiting on Sony to get off their high horse and support cross-play.

“We are technically ready to support cross-play on other platforms as the opportunity arises.”

Thanks to the cross-play update, PC and Xbox One players will be able to progress their account on either platform.

The update also brought a ton of quality of life changes and a new character, Imani, The Last Warder.

Check out the official blog post for everything on the big update.

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