Epic Games makes thing right for players who bought physical editions with misleading packaging

When it comes to Epic Games and Fortnite, it seems that the company will continually have good-will towards their player base.

Recently the Infinity Blade was added into the game. The item was extremely overpowered, but instead of ignoring the issue Epic Games posted a public statement that declared the removal of the Infinity Blade. They also stated that they would make sure to take more time balancing unique items for the game’s future.

Even more recently though, Reddit has begun to call out Epic Games for the misleading packaging many of the physical edition Fortnite bundles have.

Many users said that this packaging was extremely misleading for parents and young children who would buy this copy of the game thinking that the game was included, when in reality this only included the download to the free Battle Royale mode, a skin set, and some in-game currency.

Luckily, it seems that Epic Games has heard the complaints about their obviously misleading packaging.

Via Reddit, Epic Games has stated that they will be hunting down players who purchased this bundle, and they will be given the Save the World mode for free (a 20 dollar value). Players who claim this bundle in the future will also be given Save the World mode.

Players who have already claimed this bundle and already own Save the World will be given 2,000 V-Bucks (about 20 dollars worth).

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