No Bethesda, people don’t want to use your launcher

Users of popular Reddit forum r/pcgaming took to the board to voice their opinions of Bethesda’s store.

Redditor u/grunge969 posed the question of, “Would you buy Doom Eternal if it was to be released as an exclusive on Bethesda’s store?” Unlike Fallout 76, Doom Eternal has a good amount of hype behind it, however it still seems like the large majority are still extremely against the idea of using Bethesda’s game launcher.

By an overwhelming majority, people simply said no. Many users also pointed out Bethesda’s previous mishaps with user information, while other simply hated the fact that yet another game launcher would need to be downloaded to play a launcher-exclusive title.

Here’s a LINK to the thread.

Hopefully, Bethesda takes notice of the many strong opinions their consumers have concerning the Bethesda launcher, if they don’t it looks like they’re in for more decreased sales.

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