After 9 years of development, the ultimate Half-Life 2 mod is available to download

Half-Life 2: MMod is the newly released Half-Life 2 mod created by the HL2MMod team. The mod attempts to revitalize the Half-Life 2 experience with immersion, options, and enhancements than ever before.

The mod adds AI enhancements, enhanced visuals, a new audio design, and tons more.

The mod is available for download HERE.

Here are some of the mod’s key features:

  • Revised Gunplay
  • Enhanced Player Feedback
  • Hardened AI and AI’s Abilities
  • Brand New Weapon Animations
  • Fixed, Revised Weapon Models
  • New Arsenal
  • Numerous Bugfixes
  • VFX Re-Design
  • Sound Re-Design
  • Weapon Foley Sounds
  • Restored HEV Voicelines
  • Enhanced Visuals
  • Optional In-Game Graphical Enhancements
  • Nearly Everything is Optional
  • Lore Friendly

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