Fortnite’s New Year’s celebration causes a little confusion

Fortnite’s dancing New Year’s celebration caused a little bit of confusion last night. The event reoccurred on the hour, every hour, to celebrate New Year around the world for every time zone.

Each hour, a rift would open in the sky where the New Year’s ball would drop and a count down to midnight would begin. Plenty of players were confused by the countdown due to the fact that it wasn’t midnight in their respective region at the time.

Vice President of Epic Games, Mark Rein, poked some fun at players who came to the conclusion that the New Year’s event had been leaked or released early due to its earliness in some time zones.

Because many players wanted to simply admire the celebration, Epic Games implemented a way for them to do that without fear of greifing. While the celebration is happening, all players are forced to dance until it is over.

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