Overwatch’s list of banned players is over 18,000 players long

It’s no surprise to South Koreans for a video game to announce a list of punished, suspended, or banned players each season, but Overwatch has started doing this as well.

Today, they released a list of those punished players. The list maxed out the character limit twice spanning 3 posts in the developer forum it was posted in.

The lists spans a total of 18,188 players.

The players in the list have been banned for everything from AFKing, to match throwing, to bad language, etc.

Overwatch has taken some heat as of recent for it’s ever increasing patrol of its player’s behaviors.

Just recently, Overwatch announced that players would have to connect their Battle.net accounts to Twitch in order to chat in Overwatch League match streams.

According to Jeff Kaplan, the “Overwatch strike team” is hunting for more bad behavior on other platforms such as YouTube and social media platforms.

It seems as time goes on that the team behind Overwatch is growing even stricter when it comes to their behavior policies.

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