Slightly Mad Studios is going off the deep end. They’re making their own console

The console wars are doing better now than they have in a while.

The PS4 is dominating the home console market with great hardware and plenty of great software as well. The Xbox One is making tons of strides towards being more competitive, and it early adoption of cross-play has helped it grow a good amount of support. The Nintendo Switch is blowing sales numbers out of the water as it’s becoming the most sought after handheld and console. But Slightly Mad Studios wants to mix things up a little bit with what they’re calling the Mad Box.

From the studio that brought you the Need for Speed: Shift series and Project Cars comes a new console that CEO and founder of Slightly Mad Studios, Ian Bell, says is “beyond next gen.”

This all started on Bell’s Twitter account this morning at 6 AM. Bell simply tweeted, “The Mad Box is coming.” After another 20 minutes Bell tweeted again claiming the company’s new console would deliver 4K gaming and VR at 60FPS.

Strange as this all may be, it will be interesting to see this all play out. Whether or not the console lives up to Bell’s hype, let alone even comes out, is still up in the air.

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