Anthem’s demo is on the horizon

Starting on January 25 players will get two days of Anthem playtime, ending on the 27.

To play the demo players will need to be subscribed to EA/Origin Access, or have pre-ordered the game.

The demo will start players out at level 10 and will include various pre-determined missions, events, and locations. Progress from the demo will not carry over to the full game, but players will be able to earn some special items showing off their demo participation.

Players subscribed to Origin Access Premier will have early access to Anthem starting on February 15, while players who purchased the game normally will have to wait until February 22.

EA has taken some criticism recently due to the early access given to Origin Access Premier members. Many players aren’t happy that EA is basically delaying their games for players who purchase the full game traditionally rather than subscribing to EA/Origin Access.

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