Silver Screen Bottling Co. says to take it up with support if you don’t like their misleading bottles

Bethesda’s most recent controversy revolves around how they mislead customers who purchased their Nuka Dark Rum.

The Nuka Dark Rum appeared to be a large glass bottle of dark rum that cost a whopping 80 US dollars. Shipments of the rum where delayed for a long amount of time, and at the point where shipments were beginning Bethesda put out a video showing off their product.

The video came under heavy criticism when buyers saw that the picture they had thought was the final product was extremely misleading. The picture that they had based their purchase on wasn’t a glass bottle, but instead it was a large plastic shell covering a fairly normal looking bottle of rum.

Buyers were outraged that they had been mislead by the pictures they based their purchasing decisions on. Even more, this was Bethesda’s second time screwing up an expensive collectors item (the first being the collector’s edition bad controversy).

Now that another fire storm has started, the COO of Silver Screen Cottling Co. issued an apology to those who bought Nuka Dark on the Nuka Dark website.

The dimensions of the entire package are 13”x 6”. It is roughly 60% larger than a standard 750 ml bottle and It will stand out on any bar. This is a project we are extremely proud of and we are sorry that you feel that you were in any way deceived. We were very deliberate in the creation of this product and paid great attention to the brand and the quality. Not just the presentation, but the rum inside the bottle as well. We can’t wait for you to see it in person and taste if for yourself, we’re not sure that the images or videos do it justice. Now, if you don’t agree when you receive yours please let our team know by submitting a form in the “Questions About My Order” section below and we will work to make it right.

Straight away in their apology they go into defense mode, trying to boast about the bottles size and how it will “stand out”, but better yet, no definitive answer for what will be done is given in their statement.

The apology here is horrible, and Bethesda has continued to stay silent on the matter.

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