Slightly Mad Studios’ Mad Box console looks like a modified PC

If you haven’t read yet, Slightly Mad Studios, makers of the Project Cars series of games, plans on entering the console market with their newly announced Mad Box.

From what we’ve heard, the console sounds extremely compelling. Founder Ian Bell claims the console will deliver 4K gaming and full VR experiences.

Today though, we got our first glimpse of the Mad Box’s possible design.

These concept designs take from Bell’s Twitter  are some of the more outrageous designs we’ve seen for a console.

You could say it looks like they’ve gone mad.

The console, sporting the Slightly Mad Studios logo on its tall M structure, doesn’t have any confirmed specs yet, but what strange is its extremely PC-like chassis.

It’s vertical position, front fan layout, and some of Ian Bell’s own claims make the console sound more and more like a modified PC.

Bell claims that the Mad Box “will be equivalent to a very fast PC two years from now” and that the system “will support most major VR headsets.”

Hopefully in the future we will get more information about why the Mad Box deserves to exist and why it’s being dubbed as a console.

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