Unreal PT is faithful recreation of the original PT, and it’s available for download on PC

When PT came out as a playable teaser for Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills project, it gained unbelievable buzz.

The atmosphere of the first person horror game was astounding, and its creepy storytelling mixed with its interesting looping halls helped elevate it as one of the PS4’s most widely known games (even though it was only a playable teaser for the actual game). Since then, the game has been canceled and the teaser has been pulled from the store.

Since the game’s removal from the store, tons of gamers have wanted to experience PT for themselves, and thanks to RadiusGordello, PC players will be able to play a faithful recreation of the game for free.

Unreal PT is available for download HERE.

According to the site, gameplay is identical to the original with the only difference coming at the very end in order to make beating the game more consistent.

The recreation also has VR support so you can experience the horrors of PT in a more up close and personal fashion. There have been some reports of nausea and the creator has said if nausea reports grow to high in number they will remove the VR functionality.

Either way, this release is great news for those on PC who wanted a taste of what Kojima was cooking up before the Silent Hills cancellation.

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