Epic Games Store claims The Division 2, making it the next big game to ditch Steam

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 launches on March 15th, but, unlike the first game, it will not be coming to Steam.

The first Division game can still be played on Steam, but fans who want a PC version of the sequel will have to migrate to the Epic Games Store or Ubisoft’s Uplay store.

When speaking on the matter, Ubisoft’s Vice President of Partnerships said that, “Epic continues to disrupt the videogame industry, and their third party digital distribution model is the latest example, and something Ubisoft wants to support.”

Obviously, Ubisoft’s support of the Epic Games Store is directly related to the increase in profit margins that Ubisoft will see by using Epic Games Store instead of Steam. Steam takes a massive 30 percent cut of all game sales under 10 million dollars in sales, 25 percent on games that sell between 10 million and 25 million dollars, and 20 percent on games that sell above 50 million dollars.

This policy is an extremely new police from Steam, and it was actually implemented to compete with Epic Games Store’s model.

Prior to the existence of the Epic Games Store, Steam took a 30 percent cut of all games sales regardless of sales. Epic Games takes only 12 percent of all games sales, and if a game’s PC version is released exclusively on the Epic Games Store then that developer will not have to pay for the use of Unreal Engine.

While many players have issues with the Epic Games Store, it’s clear to see why developers are moving to the platform. The loss of sales can easily be made up from the increased revenue from each sell.

This is extremely important to indie developers who will most likely have a hard time reaching Steam’s second and third tiers of sales to receive a bigger cut.

While many may continue to avoid the Epic Games Store, it’s easy to see that it’s competing rather well with Steam in its current state. It will be interesting to see if Steam revises their revenue cuts moving forward.

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