The remaining DLC fighters for Smash Bros. Ultimate may have been leaked

A user on the Japanese forum site, 5 Channel, has reportedly leaked the remaining four DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

According to user Mr. Anonymous Desperate, the four remaining fighters will be Erdrick from the Dragon Quest series, Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, Steve from Minecraft, and Doomguy from Doom.

This leak is on old one, dating back to December 9, but it has recently gained some new attention due to the fact that it called for the first DLC character to be Joker from Persona 5 (which we now know as correct).

According to Polygon, Erdrick’s leak has gained even more credibility as well. Inside the game’s source code, the characters Jack, Packu, and Brave. Jack is thought to be code name for Joker, Packu is thought to be a reference to the Pakku Flower, the name for Japan’s pre-order for Piranha Plant, and Brave is thought to be Erdrick due to the fact that the word ‘brave’ translates to Yuusha in Japanese which can also mean hero. This is the role Erdrick takes on in Dragon Quest.

Ryu from Ninja Gaiden is reported to coincide with Ninja Gaiden’s 30th anniversary, and Doomguy is said to be announced at E3 2019 to help promote the upcoming Doom Eternal.

All of the rumored upcoming characters are said to have some alternate skins as well:

  • Minecraft Steve – Minecraft Alex and Master Chief
  • Doomguy – Doom 64 palette swap
  • Erdrick – Anlucia and Dragon Quest XI’s hero character
  • Ryu – N/A

According to Gearnuke, another separate leak suggests from the same 5 Channel user that suggests that Rayman and Haihachi Mishima from Tekken would release as DLC fighters instead of Ryu and Doomguy.

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