Black Desert Online reveals a new Battle Royale mode: Shadow Arena

The MMO Black Desert is getting a new game mode that basically no one asked for, a full on Battle Royale mode.

The Shadow Arena mode pits 50 players against each each other until there’s only 1 left, just like all the other Battle Royale modes.

Players start as a Black Spirit with the ability to inhabit one of Black Desert’s playable classes. While playing as a Black Spirit your health will continually decrease, so you’ll need to quickly find a class to embody.

Once you’re in a class, you can’t change bodies.

After finding a body you’re happy with, players will have to fight monsters to unlock skills, weapons, and items to use.

The Shadow Arena is currently set in an Early Access state with specific times set for playtime.

  • EU Weekdays: (9 hrs.) 3 PM UTC – 12 AM UTC
  • EU Weekends: (14 hrs.) 10 AM UTC – 12 AM UTC
  • NA Weekdays: (9 hrs.) 6 PM EST – 3 AM EST
  • NA Weekends: (14 hrs.) 12 PM EST – 2 AM EST

The mode is out right now to jump into (that is if you’re reading this during the mode’s scheduled times). Check out the official trailer here –

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