Westworld Mobile is shutting down following Bethesda lawsuit

Fot some time now, a legal battle has bee ongoing between Bethesda and Westworld Mobile.

Bethesda claimed that Westworld Mobile was a complete rip-off of their mobile game, Fallout Shelter. Bethesda not only was able to point out the extremely similar gameplay, but they were also to show Westworld bugs that had existed in early states of Fallout Shelter.

It was fairly clear that Westworld Mobile had some amount of reused code from Fallout Shelter, especially since some of the developers for Fallout Shelter went on to work on Westworld Mobile.

Westworld Mobile has since release a statement on Twitter detailing the future of the game.

While details remain few in number, it’s most likely that Westworld Mobile’s shutdown is due to a settlement with Bethesda.

While Bethesda is in hot water with their fans right now, this lawsuit hasn’t received any scrutiny due to the fact that Bethesda is obviously in their right mind here.

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