Valve’s Artifact is down to 2.5k players with mostly negative reviews

Since being booed at its reveal during the Dota International, Artifact hasn’t been doing so hot. Lately though, it has been falling into obscurity even further.

Valve’s card game Artifact has continued to drain its playerbase since its release. Currently, the game is only sitting at 2,500 at its daily peak. This is down from the 8,500 player peaks it was seeing in December closer to release.

There are plenty of areas to speculate the poor performance of the newest Valve game since the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012, but players in the Steam reviews for the game seem to hit the nail on the head.

As it stands now, Artifact is sitting at mostly negative recent reviews and mixed overall reviews. Many of the reviews take issue with the game’s card system that gives the player 5 card packs to use in-game until you pay for more, making the game a horrible experience for new players.

Continue to read through the reviews and you’ll start repeating yourself quickly. Players have huge issues with the monetization within the game.

Not only is there a buy in fee of 20 dollars for Artifact, but after paying for the game there isn’t any way to progress without paying even more money for card packs.

We’ll see if Valve will end up deeming Artifact as worth their time to save or not, but as it’s currently going it appears the the game is going down the Lawbreakers path.

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