Kingdom Hearts 3 Playstation Pro orders are being cancelled by GameStop

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series had the opportunity to pick up a special edition PS4 Pro console along with the copy of the game for only 400 dollars. Too bad that a lot of GameStop customers won’t be received their pre-ordered consoles after all.

GameStop’s official Twitter accounted confirmed that they had oversold the special edition console, and that some orders would need to be cancelled.

Those who have had their pre-orders cancelled will receive a 25 dollar GameStop credit in return for the cancellation.

Many on Twitter are blaming GameStop’s predatory selling tactics for the overselling of the bundle. GameStop faced some well-deserved backlash for their Circle of Life program which forced employees to make extremely strict sales quotas.

Regardless of what has caused the issue, it’s definitely sad to see the issue slip by all the way until right before the game’s release. Surely GameStop could have at least tried a little harder than a 25 dollar in-store credit at making up for their mistake.

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