Metro Exodus is only releasing on the Epic Games Store, but Steam pre-orders will still be fulfilled

Another game is being pulled from Steam into the Epic Games Store. This time it’s Metro Exodus.

Epic has been swiping games left and right to join its new games store, and the decision to hop on the bandwagon isn’t even a hard one for developers. The Epic Games Store promises tons of perks to developers including free use of the Unreal Engine and increase profit percentage. (Check out our coverage on The Division 2 joining Epic Games Store to learn more about developer incentives).

Luckily though it seems that publisher Deep Silver is paying their newly found increase in revenue forward a bit. On the Epic Games Store, Metro Exodus will only cost 50 dollars. (The price of 50 pounds hasn’t changed for the UK though).

If you purchased the game on Steam already, don’t worry too much because all purchases already made on Steam will be honored completely. Everything will still be there like a normal Steam game, and you’ll be able to launch the game like every other Steam game as well.

Future updates and DLC will also be fully accessible through Steam as normal.

In a statement on the game’s Steam store page, Valve said that they thought the move was “unfair to Steam customers, especially after a long pre-sale period.”

For those who were on the fence about picking up the newest Metro title and the Epic Games Store might turn you away from the game, the game is only a timed exclusive to the store. Metro Exodus will be coming back to steam February 14, 2020.

Metro Exodus releases February 15.


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